We embarked on our journey in 2007


We embarked on our journey in 2007. Today we have a team of experienced and fully dedicated professionals working dexterously, to provide you with best property deals. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for us.


We charge 2% for any sort of hotel property deal anywhere in India as coordination charge (CC) depending on total property value plus TDS value. (We deal with direct buyers and sellers.)

We charge 2.months rent amount (which is not negotiable) for any sort of hotel property rent/lease deal in anywhere in India as coordination charge (CC) plus TDS Value.

The owner of a hotel or restaurant will issue us an irrevocable letter of Authority to find suitable buyer, lease for the property owned in written which will stand valid till we settle the deal and realize the coordination charge (CC).

The owner shall submit copies of ownership deeds, notices, banking documents etc related to the hotel property that they wish to sell for checking and verification. All such documents need to be submitted.

We charge Rs. 51,000 as Property Visiting Charges for outside Rajasthan, 25,000 Rajasthan (PVC) and Rs. 10,000/- for Jaipur (PVC) if either party wishes to inspect a property and that has to be paid by relevant client (owner or buyer) in advance by cheque/ cash/ Demand Draft in favor of M/s JPR GROUP JAIPUR , before we visit any property located anywhere in India. The said party could also provide us with necessary arrangements for visiting and inspecting instead of making any such monetary payments.

Property visiting charge (PVC) is adjustable against coordination charge (CC) but not refundable in any case.

We shall not be held responsible/liable for authenticity and legality of properties that we deal in. It is the authority, responsibility and liability of the buyer and the lease to check and verify the deeds and documents using their own lawyer and resources.

We reserve the right to change any clause mentioned herein anytime without any obligation what so ever.

All disputes are subjected to Jurisdiction of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India only.